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23.4.2021 This Wild Song, a project by Ilona Nelson

2.3.2021 I Am Here, catalogue entry, Arthouse Gallery, Sydney, NSW

13.4.2020 Jennifer Goodman 'Colour', a short film by Adrian Goodman

5.4.2020 The_Reviewboard - Jennifer Goodman 'Colour'  , by Alan R. Dodge, instagram

13.3.2020 Jennifer Goodman 'Colour', by Paula Silbert, Paula Silbert Arts Consultancy, instagram

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09.05.2016 Jennifer Goodman Artist in Residence Talk, video, Australian Tapestry Workshop

20.03.2016 McClelland Collection, curated by Erin Wilson, Balnaves Curator

30.09.2014 COUNTER-CURRENT, a short film by Adrian Goodman

30.09.2014 counter-current, by Megan Backhouse (Art Guide, Issue 92 2014)

30.09.2014 COUNTER-CURRENT... and all that jazz, by Dr Wilma Tabacco (Exhibition catalogue essay)

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03.06.2002  Healthy Sculpture by Jeff Makin  [Herald Sun, Review: Visual Arts]

22.05.2002  'Chromatic Progressions' artist's statement by Jennifer Goodman  [Exhibition artist's statement]